Premier Group Core Values:


Like all accounting firms, we must – and we do – stay on top of all changes to the laws and regulations that impact your organization’s finances. It’s also critical to us, however, that you understand the various forces that impact your company’s financial status. As we like to say, “knowledgeable clients make better decisions.” Together, we’ll put you in the best position to make the best decisions.


Some people love words. They read books and magazines and enjoy every moment. At Premier Group, we love numbers. We love math and equations and we especially love using those things to give our clients the greatest advantages in business. To us, accounting isn’t a chore or a job. It’s a passion and we treat it as such.


Believe it or not, accounting involves a lot more than tax laws and financial tracking. Many of the current events you read about in the news can have a direct impact on the financial health of your organization. At Premier Group, we’re dedicated to making those events our business … so that we can best protect yours.


This firm was founded, in part, on the belief that everyone in the community should be treated with respect when it comes to matters of finance. To this day, Premier Group makes community service and financial equality a critical part of our business.


As we say, “Success breeds success.” At Premier Group, we believe that the more successful we are, the more successful your organization will be. Likewise, the more successful your organization becomes, the greater success we enjoy by virtue of being at your side. That’s why we strive for our success – and our clients’ success – every single day.


If we can’t trust one another, we can’t do business. It’s that simple. In fact, that’s why our ultimate message to our clients is:

“Trust is our bottom line.”

Who We Serve:

Government Contractors

As a government contractor, you know that your business isunique and your accounting needs are complex. Even the most seasoned contractors can become overwhelmed with the vast accounting regulations,standards, and practices required by Federal, State, and Local agencies, including the Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA) and other oversight organizations.

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Government Agencies

Not many CPA firms can successfully negotiate the complex accounting needs of government agencies. Yet, since 2005, PGS has successfully provided financial audits, accounting support, and related services for Federal, State, and local governments.

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The PGS audit team has broad industry experience that can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. For us, audits aren’t just about crunching numbers. In addition, audits are a great tool for building strong management capabilities and fostering organizational growth.

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The PGS non-profit accounting professionals have over twenty years of experience in this industry. Unlike many CPA firms, our team understands the unique tax laws and complex reporting requirements that impact the non-profit sector.

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Small to Large Businesses

Businesses run the gambit from small to large and cover a multitude of industries such as Government Contracting, Law, Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, and more. Though their specialties and business practices may differ, their tax structures and planning concerns are similar.

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High Net Worth Individuals & Families

Taxes for the wealthy can be complicated, especially considering how frequently the tax laws change. However, wealth can be a unique opportunity to legally reduce tax obligations for those who know how to apply the tax laws for their benefit. We help high-net-worth individuals keep more and only pay what is required.

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