Erin McAlinney
Social Media Coordinator

Erin’s journey in the world of media began at St. Petersburg College, where she earned an Associate's Degree in Mass Communications in 2020. Eager to deepen her knowledge and refine her skills, she continued her education at the University of South Florida, graduating in 2023 with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Public Relations & Advertising. During her time at university, Erin's passion for creating compelling social media content blossomed. She took on the challenge of outlining advertising campaigns for small businesses. Using her creativity and strategic thinking, she helped them stand out in a crowded market. Erin also had the opportunity to produce a newscast package for the university, further honing her ability to craft engaging and informative content. Today, Erin brings her expertise and enthusiasm to Premier Group as their Social Media Coordinator. Her journey has equipped her with a unique blend of skills and experiences, making her a perfect fit for developing and executing Premier Group's social media strategy. Erin's dedication to delivering the latest and greatest updates to clients via social media reflects her commitment to excellence and innovation in her field.