Joye Sistruck

Joye Smith Sistrunk is currently the Principal/Founder of Premier Group Services (PGSI), a Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting firm. Always having a passion for problem solving and a desire to help others, Joye decided at a very early age that she wished to be Certified Public Accountant.

After graduating with an accounting degree from Loyola College in 1998, she desired to learn more about accounting business worldwide and obtained her Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Baltimore in 2005.

Joye also had a desire to be an asset to her country and served as a member of the United States Air Force Reserves. She attributes the discipline and loyalty that she gleaned from her experiences with the US Air Force, to that of her work ethics that she applies with each and every one of her clients.

Building PGSI, from the ground up since 2005, it has expanded from one staff member to now more than 10 employees and consultants. The mission of PGSI is to offer both individuals and businesses personalized accounting and financial management services by “Accounting for your Success”.